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Blocksurf Fireball Wax Remover

Blocksurf Fireball Wax Remover

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Scrape away any excess wax using the included Flexcomb, and use your 100% recycled filling Fireball 'til your board shines!


  • HOW TO USE: First, remove as much wax as possible. Then, rub the Fireball in circular motions. A little elbow grease goes a long way. Turn the fireball often to use clean sides. Continue with light pressure until you reach your desired finish.
  • KEEP AWAY FROM SHARP OBJECTS: Keep away from sharp objects to maintain lasting quality. Watch out for shatter dings as these can tear the Fireball. The Fireball will last a long time if you keep it away from sharp objects. It may appear dirty but will still perform well.
  • IMPORTANT: Keep the fireball dry and do not wash it. If you want your Fireball to last as long as possible, be sure to follow the guidelines listed here. Take care of it, and it will do the trick.
  • INCLUDES: The Fireball includes a FREE flex comb to help in your quest. The quickest way to de-wax your board, the versatility of this flat scraper is incredible. It conforms to the edge of the rail and easily scrapes off days of built-up wax. Remove the excess wax with your new FLEXCOMB, and then use your FIREBALL till your board shines.
  • 100% Recycled Filling
  • Do not wash
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