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Ding All Super Epoxy Repair Kit

Ding All Super Epoxy Repair Kit

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3oz. (84 ml) - Epoxy Resin Super Ding Repair Kit

Ding All’s Super kit for Epoxy or Polyester Ding repairs when UV light
is not present, and fiberglass cloth is needed. This kit contains Ultra Clear,
SS 2000 resin that is used in Epoxy surfboard construction. The resin is
dual purpose and can also repair polyester surfboards as well. The kit
has the following materials to allow an easy method
for medium to large surfboard repairs. NOTE: Use 1/4” Layers of Filled
The epoxy resin fills larger holes or voids to avoid resin overheating.

Kit Includes:

- 2 oz. (56 ml). Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin - Plus 1 oz. (28ml). Hardener - UV Stable

- 15cm x 68cm Fiberglass Cloth patch

- Bonus - 1 x 1oz. SunCure Epoxy Fiberfill resin Tube. (Repairs both Poly and Epoxy, 5 Min. Cure)

- 2 x 2 Sided Sanding Pads (1 side Smooth (120 grit) ,1 side Rough- (80 grit) For easy sanding.

- 2 Cups & 6 Mixing Sticks -Note: cup can be re-used after popping out hardened resin from the previous repair

- 2 Cover Sheets - Can be used to cover small dings to make a super smooth finish once hardened. Just peel off.

- 1 Pack of Non-Hazardous, white, Q-Cell Filler

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