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George Greenough High Speed Volan

George Greenough High Speed Volan

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These fins are designed by George Greenough and are targeted at the “Edge” board project. The outline is a very slender design that will harness heaps of power while maintaining very low drag. Longer, point break style waves are the venue to realize their full potential. Look for more on this design in the future as we experiment with different materials and flex patterns. We are making these fins in Volan, and we try to keep them relatively stiff. If there is too much flex, they tend to lose power.

Our Volan fins are fine-tuned with a precision foil and proper flex. They are handmade in our factory and go through the strictest quality control. Fins made with Volan fiberglass and properly aligned for optimal weave orientation have very high-performance flex characteristics — with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.

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