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Skip Frye Volan

Skip Frye Volan

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A series of fins designed by one of the greatest surfboard craftsmen of all time... need we say more? Straight forward, clean lines and classic curves are the game's name here.

Minimalistic in some ways, these fins are made to perform and excel in a supporting role for mid-lengths, thinner planing-type boards, and gliders. If you want to follow in Skip’s footsteps and find that ultimate trim, minimize drag, increase your speed and let the board do the talking... then this is the fin for you.

(Also works great in a 2+1)

Our Volan fins are fine-tuned with a precision foil and proper flex. They are handmade in our factory and go through the strictest quality control. Fins made with Volan fiberglass and properly aligned for optimal weave orientation have very high-performance flex characteristics — with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.

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